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Highlight of UNN Music Department Valentine’s Concert

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The 2021/2022 concert from the department of music was an initiative of the Music students’ Association of Nigeria (MUSAN) executives, for valentine’s celebration, led by their president, Mr. Chidera M. Onyeisi. While talking to l meVickipedia News, he recalled that 2022 valentine’s day was celebrated in his department for the department alone, but the departmental executives decided to make the is2023 edition open. So that students of the department can show case their skills while celebrating valentine within the university community.

“In the beginning, there was music and the music was with man. There is nothing as complicated as music. It’s like falling in love with a woman at the first sight without her permission. It is called ‘ME U SICK ‘(music) for a reason….. Only musician can heal the world”.

The above statement was made by Mr. Timothy Demo during the 2023 edition of valentine concert held at the Faculty of Arts Lecture Hall, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) on Feb. 14.

The event tagged, “Tales 4rm D Heart” featured music, poetry and dance. The public concert was graced by students from different departments in the institution.

The concert began when a young man, Timothy Demo came up the stage to present a poem titled ‘Cycle of Music’. The 300 level student of music department during the show made multiple performances. In one of them, he pretended as a primary 4 pupil who wrote a letter to his lover, Amaka. The letter partly read: “Dear amorous Amaka. I am short of words not because I am short but because I have been shot with bullets of love. Amaka I am lost but only you can find me. Amaka love changes everything”. The poem recitation was backed up by 2Baba’s popular song “Amaka disappoint me”. The audience however were excited with the performance.

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Mr. Timothy Demo presenting Cycle of Music.

There were other performances from the artists that captivated emotions for a while. Miss Nmesoma Emeruche presented a love song called ‘Bibical by Calium Scolt. Followed by spoken words from Mr Elijah Akuma named, “do you love me?” Mr Zadok Osayande, dramatized a song, ‘when a man loves a woman’ by Michael Botan and Miss Winny Ezeme presented listen by Beyonce.

The climax of the event was during the presentation of an African Instrumental backed up by ‘shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran. It exposed young boys and girls in traditional attires playing traditional African instruments; ekwe (slit drum), uyo (basket rattle), ichaka (gourd with chaplet beads), udu (water pot), ikoro( Big local drum) etc. The atmosphere changed as the audience could not hold their excitement. Some students jumped up the stage, dancing to the sound of the traditional instruments.

Other presentations that took place included; lion band performance, western dance, spoken words presented by Adanna, sugarcane mashup presented by Emeka, western chorus – love changes everything, western instrumental- ‘can’t help falling in love’.

Some instruments used included, timpani, violins, violas, clarinet, cello, saxophone, trumpet) and many more.

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