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UNN Disciplinary Committee Directs Staff to Bar Indecently Dressed Students 

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The Students’ Disciplinary Committee at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), has issued a directive to UNN staff members to prevent students dressed indecently from entering their offices. 

The committee made this known to the students through various faculty heads during the University’s 49th Matriculation Ceremony on Saturday 28th, 2023, in a statement signed by the chairman of the committee, Prof. Nnamdi L. Obasi.

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Prof. Obasi emphasized the need to dissuade students from engaging in indecent dressing, which he described “unacceptable”. He urged staff members to enforce this dress code policy, emphasizing that it was a measure aimed at upholding human dignity. “You must guard against indecent dressing. This is part of the measures designed to restore the  dignity of man,” he said.

The committee provided specific guidelines on what constitutes indecent dressing. For female students, this includes attire such as spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops, long skirts with excessive slits, bum shorts, hoop earrings, body tattoos, and anklets. Male students were advised against sagging pants, unbuttoned shirts revealing their masculinity, tight-fitting trousers, body tattoos, and earrings.

He concluded by urging the students to steer clear of cultism, hooliganism, forgery, impersonation, examination malpractice and all other related social vices.

It was made clear that disciplinary measures, including the possibility of student dismissal, would be taken against those who fail to adhere to these guidelines. The committee encouraged all students to maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance as a sign of respect for themselves and their peers.

In response to this development, Emmanuel Onyishi, a student from the Department of Human Anatomy, expressed his commitment to complying with the new dress code. He stated, “I believe that if I was able to pass all the rigorous processes involved in getting admission into this institution, I will be able to withstand every other thing required of me to be formed here.”

Similarly, Chime O. Ude, a student of Educational Foundation, voiced her support for the school authorities, saying, “Every sane student ought to follow all the guidelines enumerated by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee, including the advice of the V.C during his speech. Why not, this is the only thing that will shape you to become really a graduate after all.”

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