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Robot Lawyer: Are Robots Going To Be Presidents One Day?

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Every sector and profession is being threatened by Artificial Intelligence: writers, lawyers, factory workers, the list is endless.

Just recently, the first robot appeared in court. According to reports, the world’s first robot lawyer will run on the defendant’s smartphone through an app called “Do not pay” and listen to court arguments in real life, and tell the defendant’s what to say via earpiece. At this rate, we might have a robot judge. The creation judging the creator, funny but intriguing.

First it was the steam engine of the industrial age, later on we had the internet and now we are dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I mean, man is not taking a break from coming up with new innovations that seemed impossible years ago. Great right? However scientists have come up with AI. Prior to now,  it was simply supposed to imitate man. Man is the most intelligent being, but right now it seems AI is beginning to do and know too much, thanks to scientists that won’t stop modifying them.

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There are now AI softwares that generate contents, translate text in several languages, detect plagarism and has super speed. No single human has all these abilities and imagine a software being able to do this much at little or no cost.

According to a publication by  The Guardian, a Japanese company had created an AI that can create novels but the interesting part of it is, they write to invoke emotions.

These robots are smart and built to multi task. Their speed is top notch and that is why right now they are in restaurants, factories, airports etc.  I mean they are killing the job of being humans.

 I ask myself, why are scientists making more people go jobless? As it  is, there are not enough jobs in the world and humans still need to compete with robots, at what cost?

Is technology about to be our woe? Are we one day going to have a robot president because at the rate is going, robots might start becoming citizens of the world. Allowed to get married and run for elections, I mean equal rights for both machines and humans, yeah?

Honestly I think technology is one of the best things that has ever happened to man but at the same time, man has to settle and have a rethink because it takes one super brainy psychopath scientist to turn these super intelligent robots against us.

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