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Igariwey Calls for Peace, Donates 5 Million Naira to Victims of Ekoli-Edda Crisis

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Hon. Iduma Igariwey, the member representing Afikpo-North/South Federal Constituency has urged the warring factions in the Ekoli-Edda crisis to sheathe their swords and allow peace to return to the community, even as he made a donation of five million naira to ease the lots of persons who were forced to flee their homes as a result of the crisis.

Ekoli-Edda in Ebonyi state was embroiled in fratricidal crisis on 26th December 2022 when loyalists of two politicians from the community engaged in gun duel.

Police Report said that three persons, including a police officer, were killed. Speaking in a press statement on Saturday, Igariwey said that it was necessary for Ebonyi State government to midwife a genuine reconciliation in the community, stating that “no community, state or nation thrives in an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, killings and destruction of property”.

While sympathizing with the families that lost their loved ones and valuables, Hon Igariwey urged the Ebonyi State government to commission a judicial inquiry to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the problem.

The aim of the inquiry, according to him, would be to bring the masterminds of the crisis to book, ensure that justice is done to the dead, as well as to forestall a repeat in the future.

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“It is not enough to detain one or two persons in what amounts to protective custody without getting to the root cause of the problem”, Hon Igariwey said.

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