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Amnesty International Applauds Nigerians For Release Of Aminu Muhammad

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Amnesty International (AI) Nigeria has adviced Nigerians to keep on opposing the abuse from strong over the poor in the country.

Awwal Rafsanjani, Chairman of AI Nigeria’s board of trustees, gave the charge in a video delivered on Sunday.

The recording follows the release of Aminu Muhammad, an undergraduate student of Federal University Dutse (FUD), who was captured for criticizing Aisha, spouse of President Muhammadu Buhari, on Twitter.

In the light of the event, Aisha pulled out the suit against him on Friday.
Talking on the turn of events, Rafsanjani lauded Nigerians for facing “persecution and constraint.”

He then, at that point, added that future events that try to “abuse and sabotage the central common liberties of Nigerians” should be stood up to.

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“On behalf of AI Nigeria, I need to say thanks to Nigerians who have turned out in mass to request the release of Aminu Muhammad, who was wrongfully captured and confined by overzealous individuals,” he said.
“AI show respect for the boldness of Nigerians and their strength for the release of Aminu Muhammad. We will proceed to advance and protect the right of each and every Nigerian.

“Ordinarily, a few influential people in Nigeria plot with security organizations to mistreat and sabotage the essential basic freedoms of Nigerians.

“This restraint and mistreatment of Nigerians, particularly poor people, should be stood up to. There should be regard for law and order and the common freedoms of each and every Nigerian.”

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