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UNN Mass Communication Department Mourns Loss of Final Year Student During Exams

By Kenechukwu Onah and Ruth Akuma

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) – The Department of Mass Communication at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), experienced a somber day on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, as they bid farewell to a final year student who tragically passed away during the first semester exams. The deceased, identified as Miss Favour O. Udegbulam, had been an active student and had already taken some of the semester’s exams before her untimely demise.

Miss Udegbulam’s passing, attributed to a brief illness, occurred Sunday night shortly after her arrival at her hometown in Abia state for medical treatment. In honor of her life, the Mass Communication Students Association (MACSA) organized a mourning event where students, dressed in black, paid their respects. The procession, led by departmental executives, circled the Faculty of Arts, accompanied by tributes for the departed student.

Mr. David Nkan, the mass communication final year class representative, recounted his last encounter with Miss Udegbulam. He shared that she had sent him an urgent message on November 8, seeking assistance for food while at the medical center. Despite her illness, she had written an exam earlier that day. Tragically, her health deteriorated over the weekend, leading to her passing on Sunday night.

Expressing grief, Miss Nkiruka Makwe, a friend and classmate, expressed disbelief over Miss Udegbulam’s unexpected death. “I never in my wildest imagination anticipated that she would be gone by now. She sat for an exam on Wednesday before going back to the medical center. It was on Saturday night that her health deteriorated, and the news we have now. I am heartbroken!” she lamented.

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Miss Happiness Udeze, another coursemate, remembered Miss Udegbulam as a “beautiful soul” and expressed shock at her sudden demise. “I just don’t know why death has decided to take her away from us.”

Also, the president of the Mass Communication Students Association –MACSA, Mr. Isaac Chibuife, emphasized the necessity of the procession to honour Miss Udegbulam’s life. He described her as a gentle and loving individual and encouraged students to reflect on their health, particularly mental well-being. He announced plans for a symposium on health for mass communication students and extended condolences to the bereaved family.

During the event, Dr. Ike Ugbor, representing the Head of Department, Prof. Joseph Wogu, acknowledged the shock among staff upon learning of Miss Udegbulam’s death. He urged everyone to reflect on their lives and relationships, emphasizing that mortality is inevitable. “Make peace with God and your fellow students not because you will die soon but because it is the right thing to do,” he remarked.

Miss Udegbulam, originally from Alayi, Bende Local Government Area in Abia state, was laid to rest in her hometown on Monday, November 13.

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